Filtration Labware

Glassco Brand sintered glassware is need for the filtration of liquids and gases in the laboratory it incorporates a porous glass disc as a filter media, which is non corrosive and reusable. It is also used for gas washing dispersion and adsorption.

Sintered disc is manufactured by crushing Glassco Brand glass, powdering, cleaning, separating into various mesh size and then fusing together in the form of a disc. The sintered disc is graded into 5 grades-G1, G2, G3, G4, and G5. The grades are classified by maximum pore size, which is obtained by measuring pressure at which the first air bubble breaks away from filter under certain conditions. The pressure differential is then used to calculate the equivalent capillary diameters in microns. The desired pore size is obtained by suitable controlling the grain size, firing time, temperature and the thickness. Each disc is tested and graded individually.

  • Funnel

  • Filter

  • Filtration Assembly

  • Holder