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BOD Bot tles for incubating diluted samples of clean water, waster water, ef fluent water and polluted water during the 5 day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) test. These BOD bot tles feature a flared mouth to form a water seal to prevent the ingress of air during incubation. The interchangeable stoppers have a tapered bot tom that also prevents air entrapment. The stopper joint on BOD bot tles is compatible with the probes of leading BOD and DO meters. Bottles have large, permanent marking squares. Featuring the best quality of glass on the market, BOD bot tles are manufactured from high‐quality Borosilicate tubing; this type of glass makes them much less susceptible to etching when compared to traditional BOD bottles. Bottles meet ASTM E-438 Type 1, Class A Borosilicate Glass specifications. These bot tles come in numbered and un numbered version and also in penny head or robotic stopper .